Website Maintenance Services Company in Bhopal

Website maintenance is the process of keeping a website up-to-date and running smoothly. This includes tasks such as adding new content, fixing broken links, and improving website performance. Website maintenance is important for keeping visitors engaged and ensuring that your site continues to function properly.

There are a few different approaches to website maintenance. One is to do it yourself, which can be time-consuming but gives you complete control over your site. Another option is to hire a professional company to handle it for you. This can be a good option if you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself.

No matter which approach you take, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to website maintenance. First, be sure to back up your site regularly. This will help you avoid losing any important data if something goes wrong. Second, keep an eye on your website’s analytics so you can identify any problems early on. Finally, make sure you have a plan in place for how you will handle website updates and changes.

Advantages Of Maintaining Your Website With Us.

Security Optimization:

Digirank360 provides a full and updated service of security optimization, Google ReCaptcha Integration, Google Analytics Integration, Full Backup, WordPress Update, Plugin Updates, and much more.

Support System:

Our company has enabled various ways to raise a support ticket, directly at our website support link, by our mobile app or just drop an email at the support email id.

Activity Reports

We have a website maintenance activity report that includes detailed inspection data with screenshots. We have technical advice from the Technical Inspector, with easy to understand technical terms.

Inspection Checklists:

Our company's Web Maintenance program has a well-defined and wide inspection checklist. We include preventive checks like security plugin implementation, captcha integration, etc, performance checks i.e speed test, broken link check, form processing check, etc.

Process Automation:

Digirank360 has a well-developed process automation system that ensures the activities are done as scheduled and reported transparently to the clients.

Mobile App & Ticket Panel:

Our company has Mobile Apps, you can manage your tickets on your mobile itself and communicate with the technical person directly.Mobile App & Ticket Panel: Our company has Mobile Apps, you can manage your tickets on your mobile itself and communicate with the technical person directly.

Predefined Website Maintenance Process

Digirank360 has a predefined process and a team of technical experts to work on your maintenance projects

We have a technical team that initiates a maintenance project through the CRM system.
In our company post-initiation, we do all the one-time necessary activities to ensure the newly initiated project is fully protected. We include a full backup of your website too.
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We ensure through the program that the website codes, database, and credentials are fully secured and maintained. For achieving this we used several technologies that are tested and have been used by us for a long time.

Our team in this phase, does all the required updations to the website requested by you.

 Digirank360 believes in keeping complete transparency and we provide up-to-date Monthly / Quarterly Website Traffic reports and Monthly / Quarterly Activity reports of our work on your website which will help you understand your site's performance.


1. What are the website maintenance services?

Maintenance of Website services include all activities for keeping a close eye on the website issues and fixing them as they are discovered.

2. Why is a website so costly to maintain?

No, as compared to design and development, maintenance cost is less.

3. What is covered with your website maintenance services?

 In Website Maintenance services company cover areas such as updating appearance and content, Plugin Updates, Database Optimization,etc.

4. Why does my website need regular maintenance?

 On the Regular bases updating a website with fresh content will prevent your website from hacking as well as help you gain good traffic.

5. How much change can I give?

It totally Depends upon the plan you choose, you can provide changes ranging from twice to ten times in a month.